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Cleaner than any other Grill the Go Sun Stove cook's completely fossil fuel free.

​It’s clean and green in more ways than the obvious. There’s no need for charcoal or propane, no open flame, no implements, no worries. There’s no mess, with use of the handy cooking tray.

It's up to you and the sun.

PureNRG are the UK national distributors for this product working closely with the inventors in the US whilst working on project in the caribbean

Folds up like a clam shell to become totally portable. Weighs less than 3 pounds. The Go sun stove is unique in its cooking abilitys.

The Go sun stove utilizes space-age solar thermal technology. 

The two key elements are an evacuated tube, which catches and stores heat due to the vacuum’s ability to insulate, and a set of compound parabolic reflectors which increase the amount of sunshine being absorbed by the tube. Drawings to the left demonstrate the SolarQue’s form and function:

It’s so easy to use the Go sun stove – high efficiency, portable solar BBQ – that even a five year old is grilling for the family.  A bunch of foods can be prepared in the tubular oven in just 20 minutes.  This video shows both roasted garlic and bratwurst or sausages – we fed the whole family without firing up the charcoal grill.

If you want one contact we are the distributors for the UK.