Wood energy solutions

Biomass pellet Boilers from woodenergy solutions

A Wood Pellet Boiler works in much the same way as an oil or gas boiler, except that it uses wood pellets as its fuel type instead of traditional fossil fuels. With fully automated fuel feed, highly efficient burn rate which produces very little ash, Froling pellet boilers take away all the hassle associated with burning wood. The lambdatronic control system gives you complete control of the heat produced giving superb fuel efficiency. With proven reliability, robust warranties and after sales support, these are real green alternatives.

NRG Pure is linked with Smokless energy one of the leading southwest Boiler installers. 

​Community owned Industrial provident society RHI scheme

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government scheme that pays those installing renewable heat sources, such as heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar thermal panels, for the heat they generate. RHI payments are guaranteed for 20 years.

The RHI is currently available to both commercial & domestic scale heat users.

The Benefits of the RHI​

  • You will receive an income for the heat you generate.
  • Your energy bills will be significantly reduced.
  • There will be a reduced payback time on system.
  • Excellent rates of return on investment.

​Eligibility Criteria

The RHI is a complicated scheme and there are volumes of information on the criteria renewable heat systems must fulfil to be eligible payments.

We would recommend arranging a site visit from one of our Technical Sales Consultants so that they can assess whether you might be eligible or not. Here are some basic criteria you will need to meet.

  • The heat load must be eligible – heating a space, heating water or carrying out a process.
  • There must be no additional public or grant funding for the system.
  • Where necessary the system and installer must be certified under the MCS accreditation scheme, 
  • The installation must have been completed and commissioned after 15th July 2009.

There are obligations associated with receiving RHI payments such as providing information to Ofgem, allowing inspection of your system and on-going maintenance requirements.

Ofgem are responsible for the RHI accreditation of systems following commissioning, therefore there are no eligibility guarantees until the system is installed. Ofgem can approve designs for larger systems in principal before proceeding with an installation, this is known as 'preliminary accreditation' Tariff Rates.